Founding Charter of the Hansa Free Press


Hansa Press is a free press

Publishing House chartered in the spirit of free speech.

Committed to publishing quality social science

Independent publishing house founded in Lviv in 2021.

Specialised in politics, economics, philosophy, sociology, geography, and anthropology both academic and trade volumes.

Manifesting the free trade spirit of the historical Hanseatic League, a multicultural, multinational, multilinguistic, network of mercantile port cities originating in the Baltic Sea with a northern trade network stretching from London to Istanbul. Openness, freedom embodies this European endeavor.


Free as in Trade

In a time when freedom of speech is again under attack, this time by the big tech that was to set us free, but the West which was to safeguard it.

Hansa Stadts

Free merchant guilds, free trade, baltic index, commercial houses of early northern European and Anglo-Dutch capitalism

Based in Kyiv, Ukraine, reminiscing the Viking trade, the river arteries connection Europe and the East, Central and North European connections, Hansa Press embodies the spirit of Europeanism

This history also stretches deep in Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Ukraine.
Dnieper was a thoroghfare between the Baltic and the Black Seas
The Vistula stretches from the Baltic deep into Krakow and beyond.
Eastern Europe, Central Europe, the Baltic States and Maritime Western Europe were connected through this mercantile trading network.

Cloud Town

In the spirit of the LRB. LARB, NYRB etc, but that Hansa has no place except the imagination. Living in cloud spaces, uninhabited geographies, new space, the modern human is not bound to the city as the 19th century modern was. So Hansa is the old, the press, the Europe, the Baltic, the paper, the town, burger. But also the modern, the cloud server, the

We publish book reviews and essays from a European perspective. From outside Ukraine I can develop the project into a London Review of Books style website, publishing book reviews and essays from a European perspective and with a particular focus on Ukrainian voices. Ultimately I want to publish a Hansa Quarterly magazine and a European Affairs academic journal from Lviv, Ukraine.

Publishing Aims

Academic and Trade non-fiction books

Politics, economics, sociology, anthropology, political economy, history, international law, geoeconomics and geopolitics,

Europe, Eurasia, Central Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Asia-Pacific, Poles and Oceans

Hansa Press is registered with the Ukrainian National Registrar of Television and Mass Media. I fully intend to return to Ukraine and continue the work to build both a book publishing company and a website, the Hansa Review of Books, publishing book reviews and essays from a European perspective. Hansa Press is registered in Lviv as an LLC, we are registered with the State Committee on Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine










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The Hansa Free Press Est. 2021, Lviv

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