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Tristan Kenderdine

Tristan Bio

Tristan Kenderdine is Executive Editor at Hansa Press


Tristan founded Hansa Press in 2021 in order to provide better quality publishing platforms for authors working in English in the social sciences. Between the rise of e-publication and a deepening of the academic publishing oligopoly, by the 2020s there was a dearth of publishers who could offer both quality of publication and affordable prices to consumers in physical books. Hansa Press prides itself on quality of workmanship, and aims to become a boutique supplier to independent bookstores across Central and Eastern Europe. Hansa Review of Books was launched in 2023 as a European answer to classical magazine formats for book reviews and essays. The journal European Affairs is a more academic publication with equal regard to aesthetic and form as our other online and magazine offerings.

Tristan’s academic work explores institutional space and political anthropology across political economy, political geography and comparative politics. Tristan has worked on the BRI since its inception, contributing both private and public research outputs, and developing innovative databasing and policy monitoring research tools. Tristan’s research focuses on historical institutional interrelationality between public finance and industrial development in national economic systems in East Asia and Eurasia. Focused mainly on China’s public administration and public finance institutions, his work covers China’s geoindustrial policy and impact on external geographies in Central Asia and the Middle East.





Commissioning Editors

Tristan Kenderdine

politics, economics, philosophy, sociology, geography, and anthropology



Danforth Oghigian

Oceans, Poles, maritime law, international law, Arctic



David Konkol







Web Editors

Danforth Oghigian

Danforth Oghigian is Associate Editor at Hansa Review of Books


Danforth is Associate Editor at Hansa Press and Research Manager at Future Risk. Danforth’s background has been in public affairs and policy management and international and administrative law. He has published on security policy and domestic politics in Turkey, on the Armenian-Azerbaijan conflict and on small state approaches to CSTO and SCO security-taking.

His research interests are in international law, polar and maritime law, environmental law, rule of law in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, and Post-Soviet area studies. Danforth is Research Manager at Future Risk covering the Caucasus and Black Sea, and was previously Executive Assistant to the Armenian Ambassador to Canada in Ottawa.Danforth studied his MA in Polar Law (Public International Law) at University of Akureyri, Iceland and BA in Public Affairs and Policy Management (Honours) at Carleton University, Canada. Danforth speaks and reads French; Western Armenian, Russian and Arabic. He has lived and worked in Iceland, Norway, Canada and Armenia.









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