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Lviv is a European city. Ukraine is a European state. the symbol of Ukraine is the Ruric rune of the diving swallow, symbolising the Nordic connection to the formation of Ukraine. Lviv is known by so many names that it has a claim to be more European than Europe. Lviv, Lwow, Lvov, Lemberg, Lwów

We contribute to the reputation of Lviv as a European centre of literature, book-making and academic and cultural publishing.


Friends of Hansa Press


Donate to the Armed Forces of Ukraine


Center for Urban History of East Central Europe


Ivan Franko National University of Lviv


Medical Library


Museum of Ethnography


St. Javelin


City of Lviv




The Hansa Free Press


Publishing House chartered in the spirit of free speech

In a time when freedom of speech is again under attack, this humble ship sets sail into troubled waters with the promise to protect the speech, ideas, and thoughts of those published here


Free as in Trade

Manifesting the free trade spirit of the historical Hanseatic League, a multicultural, multinational, multilingual, network of mercantile port cities originating in the Baltic Sea with a northern trade network stretching from London to Istanbul


The Hansa Free Press Est. 2021, Lviv