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The Hansa Review of Books


The Hansa Review of Books is Lviv's European answer to the London, New York, Los Angeles and Paris Reviews


A space for both book reviews and essays, Hansa Review of Books was launched in 2022 with a focus on highlighting quality academic and trade volumes in the social sciences


To pitch a submission contact editor[at]hansa.press with the book's vitalstatistics and why the book is important, or else a pitch of the essay topic and why you feel it could have impact




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In a time when freedom of speech is again under attack, this humble ship sets sail into troubled waters with the promise to protect the speech, ideas, and thoughts of those published here


Free as in Trade

Manifesting the free trade spirit of the historical Hanseatic League, a multicultural, multinational, multilingual, network of mercantile port cities originating in the Baltic Sea with a northern trade network stretching from London to Istanbul


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